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Exit Point Location Services

Locating Exit Points

For safety reasons, it is crucial to locate the exit point before drilling or coring through concrete. It is important to know what is on the other side of the wall, floor or ceiling in order to avoid a dangerous scenario such as a gas line at the anticipated exit point. In some cases, the planned exit point may be where a beam, electrical service box or other fixed structure is located. This would result in drilling multiple holes in order to find the correct exit location and angle.

Those involved in the construction and remodel industries know that exit point location is necessary anytime it is important that the hole being drilled from one side, exit in a specific point on the other side. The use of manual measurements is both time consuming and prone to errors. These errors and drilling pilot holes cause unnecessary damage and destruction.

Specialised Exit Point Location Tools

Specialised exit location tools now exist for anyone needing to run conduit or water pipes. The Hilti Transpointer PX10 is an excellent tool for exit point location. It has a transmitter and a receiver, which utilise magnetic field detection to bring them into alignment and a slope adaptor that determines the angle. The PX10 also shows wall thickness up to 125 cm, so that the proper drill bit or core bit is used. This tool also makes it more convenient to drill through the floor, rather than overhead drilling. In addition, it is easy to use for people who work alone. There is no guesswork. It makes drilling and coring jobs faster, cleaner and safer.

The use of tools like the Hilti Transpointer PX10 for exit point location, before drilling or coring through concrete, makes the job safer by insuring the exit point is in a secure location. This avoids the destruction caused by searching for a clean exit.  It is accurate, saves time and most importantly, provides for safe drilling operations.

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