CSI: Concrete Scanning-Concrete X Ray: Keeping Your Workers Safe & Reducing Downtime


If You Need To Cut, Core Or Drill A Concrete Slab…

You Must Scan First!

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 How Do We Conduct Our Testing During Concrete Scanning

  1. Locate reinforcement and post-tension tendons in walls and floors.
  2. The 1600 MHz antenna will locate conduit/PVC pipes and voids within walls and slabs up to 0.5 of a metre. Our 400MHz antenna is ideally suited to detect utilities, subsidence, services, data, storm water and sewerage also suited for detection and mapping of utility pipes, as well as shallow engineering and environmental applications to a depth range from 0 to 4m (0-12 ft)
  3. Detect inconsistencies such as voids, cracks and honeycombing in walls and slabs.
  4. Locate targets directly under slabs or behind walls.
  5. Verify  slab thickness.
  6. Verify areas safe for cutting, drilling or coring in slabs and walls.
  7. Precisely locate penetration exit points to avoid thickenings and beams in slabs.
  8. Measure concrete cover and steel mesh reinforcement on site.
  9. The ability to locate and report live or dead services in and under slabs.
  10. Provide all customers with a comprehensive report as a value added service when required.

We offer a service that is more cost effective, safer and quicker than X-ray.

We Can Scan Very Large Areas

We Can Scan Very Large Areas

Workers go home safe, deadlines are met and profits are maximised by no loss of work time and most important no loss of life .

Cutting, Coring or Drilling Slabs?

Be Safe Scan First!

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There are 2 very important reasons why you want to be very careful when working with an existing slab;

1. Worker Safety
2. Work site Downtime

Worker safety can easily be compromised if an electrical cable is cut through. In fact cutting through a live wire could easily result in death.

Drilling or cutting through services or utilities could bring all activity on a construction site to a halt for an extended period of time while the power and/or services are restored.

Downtime on a building site can be very costly, workers are standing by idle and deadlines become impossible. This not what you want!

Never put your workers or your project at risk. Always scan the slab with GPR technology first. Identify areas in the slab where safe drilling, cutting or coring is possible and your workers will be safe and downtime will be minimised.

Remember Safety First!

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